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MaxStat guides you in statistical analysis and scientific graphing

So you’re not a professional statistician? Don’t worry. With MaxStat, you can analyze your data in three easy steps. MaxStat helps you find the statistical test you need. Just briefly describe your data and MaxStat will choose the correct statistical test. MaxStat provides a basic description of the selected test, or you can get detailed information by clicking the Learn button. Click here for a complete list of statistical analyses MaxStat can perform.

Results that are easy to understand

At MaxStat, we make statistics easy to do, but we also make the results easy to understand. You don’t need to be an expert to understand the results and quickly interpret them in terms of your scientific question. You can export the results into Excel to share them with your professor, classmates, or colleagues. Of course, you can also print the results or even insert them to MaxStat’s own word processor.

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Display your data in high-quality graphs with over 30 styles

After statistical analysis, you can produce graphs in just one or two clicks. You can also prepare graphs without doing any statistics. Click here to see all the graphs MaxStat supports. Graphs are fully editable and can be exported to most any other graphing, word-processing, or presentation software.

Write notes and reports to your statistical data analysis

MaxStat includes a complete word processor for creating and storing notes with your analysis and graphs. Because everything is stored in a single project file, you won’t need to search your computer for separate files anymore! You can even write reports and manuscripts – adding images, tables, and lists is very easy. With a single click you can insert results and graphs as well.

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A help system that really helps

The help system provides support so you can do your work as efficiently as possible. It includes complete software documentation with screenshots and online tutorials to get you started within minutes, and a guide for learning basic principles of statistics.


See for yourself. Click here to read the documentation and watch our online tutorials.