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With MaxStat you don’t need to be a statistician to analyze your data!

MaxStat is a easy to use and affordable statistics software. The Lite version is even free to use for non-commercial purpose. You can complete your statistical analysis in three easy steps within a single dialog box. MaxStat is perfect for students and young researchers because it guides users through each step of analysis.


MaxStat supports over 100 commonly used statistical tests and makes it easy to interpret results and create high-quality graphs. Maxstat includes descriptive, hypothesis, linear and nonlinear regression, correlation, multivariate analysis, and time series. MaxStat even helps you to design your experiments by computing sample sizes and power. Click here for a complete list of statistical analyses MaxStat can perform. You can create 30 different graph styles, including bar, box-whisker, scatter plots, regression lines and biplots. Click here to view all styles.

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